Clean the information about you on the Internet and the media.

Without trial and without publicity! Absolutely confidential.

What are we doing?

Helps to remove negativity from the Internet, remove reviews about you, your company, and other information that you think is not objective or defaming you.

98% of all procedures we produce in order bezsudebnom!

We begin with the monitoring information activity on the required topics and draw up a strategy removal of materials. Those materials that are difficult or impossible to remove, we can displace other methods of promotion of new information flows.

We also use informal methods and (while remaining within the law) deal with attackers who create klevtnichesky background around given topics and persons.

How do we do it?

Our analysts identify the main reputational risks and offer the best possible solutions to remedy the situation. Without trial and without publicity we produce some work, both with the search engines, and with every single web resource, have placed this information

We provide the most efficient operation with its technical and administrative resources. Everything is strictly formal and legally! Our company knows how to enforce legal requirements and wishes of our clients!

We provide the most efficient operation with its technical and administrative resources. Everything is strictly formal and legally! Our company knows how to enforce legal requirements and wishes of our clients!

In the case of an anonymous placement of negative information or placing it on a web resource, where the management and the moderators are not advertised - we spend (almost always having success) the owners of investigation procedures and the beneficiaries of such Internet resources and try to negotiate with them. In this case, given that the web resources of these persons are not officially own, and given that these websites

Preparation of texts

Preparation of texts

Our experienced copywriters with qualified psychologists are willing to prepare the necessary set of content (press releases, interviews, news, reviews) to product and customer requirements.

We will prepare a media plan, then there is a sequence of publications that will support your image throughout the entire PR-campaign. The main task in this case - to present your weaknesses as minor cons, focusing on the merits that outweigh the negative.

Accommodation information

Accommodation information

Agreed with you the materials posted on the thematic resources. We have our own base "otzovikov-sites", which includes more than 4 thousand resources of different subjects. Our specialists use modern page layout (mikrorazmetku, which provide an effective level of SEO-Optimization, and a guaranteed hit in the top of search results.

Promotion information

Promotion information

Our SEO-experts with 15 years of experience to promote your page in the top search engines as soon as possible.

We repress all negative information outside of search interest the average user, replacing it with positive content, which is in control of yourself. Regular content updates - also an important part of our work, which helps you to become a leader in delivery.

Are you confident in your reputation?

Very often, the so-called "black PRĀ» in the form of negative feedback, the negative placement in the media and online media are used to on the opponents are pressure or for konkurntnyh or marketing advantages, are also often used not honest approach and in the political sphere and not uncommon " mudslinging "candidates for positions in any government agencies and / or corporations.

Let's check together what they write about you and who you are discussing, and maybe there are negative reviews?

Why is it important to monitor the image on the Internet?

Some of the main reasons:

Negative opinions

from 40% to 80% potential customers abandoning the company's services, after reading negative comments about her.

The opinion of the Internet audience

70% users trust the opinions on the Internet, rather than the official data.

Reviews of products and brands

Of the 15 million daily audience of "Yandex" 33 million per month are looking for it reviews on products and brands.

Price list

Deleting comments

from 300$

Our specialists will prepare all the necessary documentation and technical means for setting an ultimatum to the administration of the content removal. Subject to the requirements of the lack of publicity, the work at the request of our customers is always carried out "in the background" mode. This means that a direct request to remove information is for you owners of Web resources will not receive. But the goal is achieved by our exclusive technologies and negotiation techniques!

Removal of the SERPs

from 5000$

Frequently remove the information from each site separately or it is not possible, or be held at the risk of publicity, or, in cases where publication of the mass, is too expensive method of cleaning reputation. In this case, our company is cooperating with the 3 major search engines of the world and our country, will help you to remove the information directly from the SERPs.

Monitoring reputational risks

from 500$

Daily monitoring of information activity on the given topics, companies and / or individuals with an exclusive search engine and search methodology discussions in social networks and the media. We will see a negative, before he goes to the masses, and will take all necessary measures to reduce reputational risks, as well as to combat the spread of such material.

The search for website owners

from 200$

If you can not locate and install the owners of web-resources and / or its beneficiaries - our company uses exclusive methods to search for these persons, their jurisdictions, as well as establishing liability for the web-resource person, company or a chain of organizations that interact with rozyskivaemymi persons within the framework of enabling them to publish your website on the net.

Blocking Web resource

from 7000$

If the administration Web resource or forum moderator refuses to interact with us, no matter how great their website was not in our arsenal is the legal and technical means to block links to webpages of the site for the implementation of programs to improve the negotiability opponetov.

Formation of a reputation

from 2000$

Creating vysokoreputatsionnogo image on the Internet for individuals and companies. Working with the use of all sots.setey, publications, bloggers and a number of leading online media.