We delete compromising materials from the Internet and other media.

No legal dealings! Completely confidential.

What we do?

We help clean up your online image, eliminate bad reviews, and remove any other information that you think is false and defaming.

98% of our procedures are done with no legal proceedings!

We monitor online information activity on the topics of interest and draw up a strategy for deleting unwanted materials. Not all information can be deleted, but we can effectively supplant the information by promoting new informational flows.

We use informal methods (while remaining within the law) to combat intruders who publish slander.

How we work?

Our analysts identify the main reputation risks and propose the best solutions to mitigate them.

We work with search engines and each website to reduce your reputation exposure. We use our deep technical knowledge and administrative resources to deliver the most effective results. All of our services are transparent and legal. When it comes to client satisfaction, we follow “your wish is our command” principle. Rest assured that we will materialize your reputation objectives.

Sometimes, the owners of the web resources with compromising materials decide to remain incognito. We perform several procedures to trace the owners and beneficiaries and negotiate directly. We are aware that often the people behind these web pages are not then “official” proprietors.

Preparation of texts

Development of text-materials

Our experienced copywriters and highly qualified psychologists prepare the necessary content (press releases, interviews, news, reviews) while taking into account all circumstances and your desires.

We produce a media plan and a sequence of publications that will support your e-image throughout the entire PR campaign. The main objective is to present your shortcomings as insignificant mishaps whilst focusing on your merits that outweigh your negatives.

Accommodation information

Publishing information

We post pre-agreed information on thematic resources using our database of review websites that includes over 4,000 web-pages. Our experts use cutting-edge page layout methods that allow for maximum SEO and top Google search results.

Promotion information


Our SEO specialists with 15 years of experience will promote your pages to the top of the search engines in the shortest possible time.

We displace all negatives out of the scope of an average user’s Google search, leaving out only respectable content that is under your control. Continuous content updates are an essential part of our work that help you sustain the leading position in the search results in the long term.

Are you confident in your reputation?

Often, “black PR,” like negative reviews and adverse materials in the media, is used to pressure the opponents or to gain competitive & marketing advantages. Frequently, such unfair methods are used in politics to “pour mud” on potential rivals.

Let’s check together! Maybe someone is showing you in a bad light?

Why is it important to watch your online image?

Here are some of the main reasons:

Negative opinions

40-80% of potential customers choose not to do business with a company after reading negative reviews.

The opinion of the Internet audience

70% of users trust opinions on the Internet and not the official sources.

Reviews of products and brands

Of the 5.6 billion Google searches a day 500 million look for product reviews.


Reviews/Reputation Clean Up

From $500

Our experts will prepare the game plan and all the necessary documentation to give an ultimatum with the target website administration. Given the confidentiality, the work on your requests is always carried out in “indirect” mode. This means that the websites will never know that you have requested content removal or modification. We use proven methods of interaction with the website owners that have given us a 99% success rate.

Google Results Removal

From $3,000

It is often impossible to get rid of unwanted information from every single webpage, either because the procedure poses a high risk of becoming public or because this method would be too expensive. In this case, we cooperate with Google and other search engines to remove the negative information directly from the search results.

Reputation Risks Monitoring

From $400

Daily monitoring of informational activity on an assigned topic, company, or person. We employ proprietary search methods to scan search engines, blogs, social networks, and media. We catch any negative information before it reaches the public and take all necessary measures to mitigate reputation risks and counter the spread of compromising materials.

Establish Website Owners

From $150

If you are having trouble with establishing the owners of the websites and its beneficiaries, we have exclusive methods to uncover the chain of people and organizations standing behind it. We use our extensive network of hosting providers to enhance our search capabilities.

Block a Website

From $4,500

If the website administration or forum moderator refuses to cooperate, we have an arsenal of legal and technical tools aimed at blocking the defamatory website no matter how big it is. The primary purpose of this toolkit is to improve the negotiability of your opponents.

Develop Your Online Image

From $1,500

We help establish and sustain an excellent track-record on the Internet for individuals and companies. We work with all social networks, bloggers, and several leading online media platforms.